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Billy Talent
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Condolence Message from Billy Talent

Wow... not sure where to begin. You hear of stuff like this happening and it makes me stop and think that this world just doesn't seem to make much sense. Sometimes it's impossible to find a thread of logic or reason or justice in a circumstance like this. I never had the privilege of meeting Anna although somehow we we're connected. We we're connected through music.

I play in a band called Billy Talent and the boys in the band and I just found out about Anna today and that she was a fan of what we do... so on behalf of the band we want to extend our prayers to her family and friends and offer them much love and support to get them through this difficult time. I have lost people in my life and it hurts... it hurts really bad, but a friend of mine once told me never to be sad because you'll one day see the people you lost and that when you do you'll get to spend eternity together. That always seemed to make me feel better. So god bless you Anna and see ya soon.

Ben from Billy Talent